Musical Stuff…

I’ve stopped to pick the dobro cause I’ve troubles with my neck… So I.m. Ack with the banjo. I’ve started when I was 13. Long time ago 😉!

Now my main banjo is a Nechville Classic De Luxe. Love it! Perfect for 2 and 3-finger picking.

D’Addario Medium strings. Shrubb capo. National or Dunlop 0.25 finger picks. Bluechip thumb pick. NeoTech strap. And a lot of pickups !

Naturally I’ve more banjos. 😀


I use and love my Beard Resophonic Guitars @ .

My thumb loves BlueChip JD Reso @ .
Thank you Matt !

And my others fingers Propik Reso and Acri Picks @ and .

The Beard rocks with GHS 1600 Cryogenic.

My capo is a Walworth made in Michigan @ .

Webb Reso strap and Martin Gross for my straps.

I use Martina Ruhmann’s flatpick on my guitars. Contact her via FB.

I’ve found an Epiphone Banjo C305 a prototype made by Gibson someone told me. A great sound and a relative light weight… BanjoMate system, Dearmond Model 76  Banjo Pickup, Schaller G & B tuners, 5/8 Snuffy Smith Saddle, D’Addario EJ61 and of course BlueChip thumb pick…

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